TICKET SALES ARE NOW CLOSED! If you are desperately seeking a ticket last minute today, send an email.

June 12 – Doors Open at 5:30pm and games start at 6:30pm promptly.

Have you read all the important information about this particular June 12th event? Please read carefully!
June 12 is being held as a fundraiser for me personally. Folks, I haven’t shared with the community until now. It’s a very long story but basically, I broke my hip due to a tumour and since then 3 other tumours have been found. I have a history of lymphoma from 9 years ago. The medical professionals are saying that these tumours seem consistent with lymphoma but have had no success getting a helpful bone sample. I’ve already had 10 weeks off work for the broken hip and went back to work for a bit. I’ve had multiple tests along the way. 2 days ago I had a very serious surgery where 25 samples of hip bone were taken. I will not be able to walk for the next 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that they find what they need so I can finally start treatment. I started limping with a sore hip back in early December! I am now off work indefinitely. Having said all that, I’m hoping for your help.  I thought hosting a Lesbo Bingo would be the perfect way because we’ll have a great time as we always do while making a difference.

Over the past two weeks, I have had yet another new struggle! After the May 22 tri-Pride Lesbo Bingo fundraiser, The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has warned the Chainsaw against hosting a gambling event. We have run the event for 16 years, not knowing that we need a license especially because it’s a family-friendly event and players win prizes, not money. This year it got flagged because inspectors are spending more time on social media looking for possible violators. Catherine Fife’s employees have worked very hard to “SAVE Lesbo Bingo” and just yesterday morning, I heard that an agreement has been made between the Chainsaw and the AGCO. The only way to host the event is to ensure there will be no prizes for the winners. This is one way to break the lottery scheme. Wow, I know right?! It is what it is.

THERE WILL BE NO PRIZES FOR THE WINNERS. I know this sounds crazy so I’m asking you all to do me a huge favour. Buy your ticket, play Lesbo Bingo and if you win you’ll get a great photo with a drag queen and bragging rights! Why would you play for no prizes??? Because you want to support me. Come out and enjoy a beverage, have a Chainsaw dinner, laugh with friends, play the LESBO BINGO you know and love! It will make me happy to bring you all together again and your contribution will make life a little easier over the coming months.
By next year I will have had time to obtain a license and go through the proper channels in time to fundraise for tri-Pride once again.
• Doors open at 5:30pm. Bring a dabber! You do not need to bring a printout of your ticket since your name will be on a spreadsheet at the door
• THIS NIGHT OF LESBO BINGO IS 17+ There will not be youth games just to make things easy for the volunteers.
• Given that I just had an unexpected surgery and can’t walk, I have arranged for a fabulous feminist, comedian, amazing woman to take my place as the caller. Her name is Suzie Taka and she works in Catherine Fife’s office. You will love her!
• To comply with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, there will NOT be a raffle and I cannot sell extra Jackpot cards this time.
• Give yourself enough time to get parked and settled at the event. Games start at 6:30pm sharp.
• If you know you cannot attend Lesbo Bingo but you want to make a small contribution, please know that very soon a GoFundMe link will be shared on Facebook by my friends Sara and Alaina. Thank you in advance for loving this 16 year long tradition and for your support! 
• If you want to make comments about my health update, please send me a message or post on FB wall. The event page needs to stay clear so people can find the event details. Thanks!

In community spirit,


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