Scent-Aware Policy


That’s right!  Cliterature is committed to being a scent-aware environment to make the space as comfortable and healthy for all who attend.  Some attendees may be sensitive to the chemicals used to fragrance common products such as hand cream, shampoo, perfume, laundry detergent etc or to other scents such as cigarette smoke which can lead to serious health concerns.  All we ask is that you consider how using certain products could diminish someone else’s ability to enjoy the same experience you do at Cliterature.  We also understand that perfumes, oils and hair products can be part of one’s gender identity, ethnic identity or spiritual practice and are striving to find ways to balance everyone’s needs.

Ways that Cliterature is committed to ensuring everyone safety and comfort within a scent-aware environment:

  • Raising scent awareness by adding this information to Cliterature advertising
  • There will be a scent-aware seating area and we ask audience members to only sit here if they have scent sensitivities OR if they know they have taken the measures to be as scent-aware as possible.
  • Vendors will also be asked to abide by the scent-aware environment.

Ways that YOU can be supportive within a scent-aware environment:

  • If possible, use products that are scent or fragrance-free.
  • When smoking, please do so as far away from the entrance of the theatre as possible.
  • If you are using fragrances, please do not sit near the scent-aware zone.

If you’d like to learn more please visit:

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