About Cliterature

Cliterature is a transformational and artful celebration of women’s sexuality featuring erotic readings, film, photography, music, dance and more.

Cliterature, an annual weekend-long event, was created in 2003 simply from a question posed to a friend , “do you think women would read erotica in public?”  The answer is most definitely yes.  From Cliterature’s very beginning it has never been just a show to come and watch.  It’s an experience that will leave you changed in some way.  You may not notice it right away, but you will.  That is what I have said on stage for the past several years because I believe when we are in safe and accepting space to allow our minds to embrace the beauty of the women and the words they share on stage with us, we are given inspiration, new ways of thinking, empowerment and more.  As the event organizer, it is important to me that Cliterature is always unrehearsed and uncensored which creates an atmosphere where full self-expression can be celebrated!  I start off each night by letting the audience know that what happens on stage will also be a surprise to me because I do not ask to see the performances in advance. This usually evokes some audience reaction as I explain that I trust that the women who take the stage understand that Cliterature is a celebration of women’s sexuality and that the content of what they read will be congruent with the event’s intention.  The event has evolved from erotic readings to include many forms of self-expression including film, photography, music and dance.  The two evenings of performance are unique so be sure to get a weekend pass!

The proceeds of Cliterature have been passed along to a variety of organizations over the years including tri-Pride, Rainbow Reels Queer Film Festival, Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care, Mary’s Place and The Sexual Assault Support Centret of Waterloo Region.

Cliterature, a grassroots event which has grown over the last 15 years mainly through word of mouth, attracts predominately women and a LGBTQ audience but all are welcome. You are invited to take a seat at Cliterature and experience the magic for yourself!

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